Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas With a Moroccan Flair


Summer is here, which means more time spent outside, whether it's for a cookout, family game night or just having some friends over for good conversation. No matter the occasion, we put together some summer patio decorating ideas and trends to make a lasting impression for your next outdoor event.  

Stand Out With Color

moroccan patio decorThe colors of summer 2017 are all about bright blues, greens and even some neutral shades. Bright colors can be intimidating to decorate with, but just the right balance can bring life to your summer patio. Blues, like cobalt, sky or even navy, offer the pop of color you're looking for while also providing a cool, calming effect. Both kelly green and lime green are the perfect accent colors and help give your patio what it's missing. Finally, Neutrals may not be the most eye catching, but they offer a timeless look that gives your patio a breath of fresh air that your guests will appreciate. 

Add a Main Focal Point
A main, big piece is just what you need for decorating the patio this summer! By adding a focal point to your outdoor space, it can help to create the theme or set the entire mood. Consider adding a large, round garden table with bright patterns or a Moroccan style rug for some extra flair.

Small Space? No Problem moroccan patio decor
If your summer patio space is limited, don't worry. It's still possible to use every square inch to its full potential. Try a small table with a pop of color that's just the right size without overwhelming the rest of your patio. A patterned rug is the perfect accent to ground and define your outdoor patio and give it some personality. Adding a Moroccan leather pouf gives your small patio bursts of color and extra seating without taking up a lot of space. Also, hanging up extra lights can instantly turn a cramped space into a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in no time.

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James Itkoff
James Itkoff


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