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It is no secret that we love all things Morocco. That’s why we think it is best to travel the way Moroccans do… in style! Here are 5 tips from our Moroccan founder himself, on how best to travel.

  1. Pick somewhere new!

Being born in Morocco, frequenting Europe, and moving to Dallas, I have truly seen it all. That’s why I now like to think outside the box. Just last year, I visited Tunisia to go on a 2-week safari. It was amazing to see a part of Africa that I had not before, even though it isn't too far from my home! Choosing unique paces has taught me so much about the world (and even has given me plenty to talk about at parties!).

  1. Bring New People.

I get it. It’s always great to bring your family, parents, and significant others. Well, what about your old college friend, someone you recently met, even that nice couple you met on your last vacation? Any trip, big, or small can create lifelong relationships!

  1. Immerse Yourself In the Local Culture

Isn’t this why you are going? Try to understand who you are visiting; get in touch with the true soul of what the country is. Maybe even learn to say “hello” and “thank you”. At the very least, who wouldn’t love to say, “May I have a glass of wine” in a hundred languages?!

  1. Pack Right

Everyone knows the basics – extra underwear, pack some socks, bring something nice. That isn’t what I’m talking about. For one, you need some style. Of course, I go toting our own leather duffle bag, but that’s just me. But above all, pack a camera! You will forget more than you want. Snap a picture or two and put it in a frame. If your mom is like mine, she will love it as a gift (wink wink). For more on what to pack, I personally love Momono. They are fool proof!

  1. Treat Yourself!

Everywhere I go, I like to get something to symbolize the trip. Sure, a t-shirt is nice, but I usually go for something a bit more meaningful. I love things that represent the culture. Trust me, the few dollars that it costs to get a little gift will be well worth it.

Now go out and book the trip of a lifetime, but don’t forget to grab your travel bags! Don’t take our word for how great they are? Check out what other people are saying about them

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Amine Bentahar
Amine Bentahar


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