About Us

The Team

We are a group of Moroccan-American Entreprenuers with a goal to bridge the gap between the master artisans of Morocco and the international consumers that crave such divine pieces. Our team is comprised of young and hungry entrepreneurs who strive to help developing regions of Morocco in every way they can. Afterall, that is Authentic Moroccan's primary mission - to help families that rely on their skills in order to provide for their families. By buying at Authentic Moroccan you are joining the mission to help master artisans support themselves and their families. Without you these artisans struggle to get by and rely on international buyers to bring food to their tables. With your help we will make Moroccan furniture a mainstay across the world, while bringing support to the budding markets of Morocco.

The Authentic Moroccan Difference

Our design partners scour the streets of Morocco to hand pick each one of these unique products. This allows us to have a vast selection of the highest quality products at affordable costs. Consisting of an unexposed collection of products, we know that at AuthenticMoroccanFurniture.com you can find exactly what you are looking for.

The Country

In the Northwest corner of Africa lies Morocco. Fixed between the Europe 8 miles to the north and the African Sahara to the south, Morocco is truly a melting pot. Bringing together cultures of all types – Arabic and Catholic; urban and rural; sophisticated and traditional. With such diversity Moroccan furniture has taken on a life of its own. Artisans pull qualities from every walk of life to make something all to its own. From Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh and everywhere in between Morocco is home to everything that you could possibly desire… you just don’t know it yet.